Our latest tally

December 8, 2011

Today our tally increased by:
22 Sweaters
1 warmup suit
4 pairs of socks
2 sports bras
2 scarves
1 hat

These 31 items bring the total number of items collected this year to 53.

Who wants your old socks?

September 19, 2011

The truth is that there are many needy people in the Los Angeles Area and elsewhere that would be happy to receive a pair of your lightly used, clean socks. According to www.onesmallsteponline.org most clothing banks receive plenty of clothing and accessory items but they receive very few socks. When needy people come looking specifcally for socks they are forced to leave empty handed due to the general public’s misconception that “no body wants your old socks”.

So if you’re considering donating to Sweaters for Solstice this year, please consider substituting or adding a few pairs of Socks for Solstice.


Rev. Connie

We just received our first donation

September 19, 2011

Today Sweaters for Solstice received our first donation of clothing via Karen Estremo who gifted us with a donation of seven jackets and four shirts that she collected at her store The Dragon and the Rose.

On our way to 501 (c) status

August 22, 2011

Today, I completed the paperwork to file with the Secretary of State so that we will be registed as an “Unincorporated Association”. After that we’re on our way to becomng  a  recogized 501 (c) which means that we can solicit donatons from major retailers like Target.

Help make this a warm December for someone in need

August 20, 2011

Sweaters for Solstice ™ is a charitable function associated with the Iseum of Isis Paedusis.  As a  Goddess centered spiritual organization the Iseum recognizes our social resposibility to help those in need, regardless of their religious beliefs and thus this idea was born.

Each year, between August 1 and December 15,  we will host clothing drives to collect sweaters, gloves, hats and other winter outerware by placing collection boxes at various locations around Southern CA.  These clothing items will be distributed to homeless and battered women’s shelters during the Winter Solstice Holidays. We ask that you support our cause by donating new and lightly used winter outerwear in clean condition.

Blessed Be,

Rev. Connie